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Investigating Curriculum Innovation and Development

Metacomprehension Strategy Awareness and Performance in Reading—Grade 6 Students

Researcher Dr. Samuel Myers
Sponsor/Cooperating Agency None
Period 1998

Project Description

This research project with grade 6 students supports other contemporary research findings which revealed that reading comprehension constitutes a strategic meaning acquisition process, necessitating awareness and control of involved reading processes, reported as metacomprehension. Evidence from this research project confirms that good readers are more disposed to use metacomprehension strategies to comprehend what they read than are poor readers. Two similar studies were conducted with undergraduate college students and preservice teachers college students

The hypothesis was that if teachers evaluated their students’ metacomprehension strategy awareness, the resulting information could provide the basis for instructional decision on these students’ reading performance. The sample comprised six grade 6 students, aged 11 to 12 years. A Metacomprehension Strategy Index (MSI) questionnaire (Schmitt 1988) measured strategy awareness, and the Nelson Reading Test (1971) measured reading comprehension.


The results indicated a definite positive relationship between metacomprehension strategy awareness and performance on reading comprehension tasks. In particular, good readers were more inclined to demonstrate awareness and use of strategies such as predicting, generating questions, recognizing text features, summarizing, and establishing purpose for reading. In contrast, poor performing readers demonstrated very minimal awareness of such metacomprehension strategies, and relied more on decoding strategies. The findings appear to support the hypothesis that if both teachers and students are aware of the metacomprehension strategies required for particular reading comprehension tasks, then this combined awareness would result in more meaningful instruction and improved student comprehension.

Outcome Article

1998. Metacomprehension strategy awareness and performance in reading. In Institute of Education annual, vol. 1, ed. Ruby King, pp. 78–97. Kingston, Jamaica: Institute of Education, UWI, Mona.

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